Learning DevOps (the beginning)

So I discovered Lynda.com has a series of learning paths.  Noticing the trend towards Agile development in my own workplace, I thought it would be interesting to explore the “Become a DevOps Engineer” path.  What are Agile and DevOps you say?  It’s portmanteau of Development & Operations, hence DevOps.  The concept is to develop a new culture between these two groups that eliminates unnecessary back and forth that contributes to delays and response times to problems.  The idea is to create an amplified feedback loop for improving and orchestrating software deployments with continual delivery.  Agile development is a new approach of software development model through better collaboration and cross-functional teams.  DevOps is not absolutely essential for Agile to work but does help with continual delivery and automation of manual configuration.

I’m at Chapter 7 of DevOps Foundations with Ernest Mueller and so far I’m enthusiastic!  The beginning goes over why the past and current IT culture has become too much of a barrier to getting a product to market successfully.  Once I’m done with this course I’m looking forward to Infrastructure Automation.